Toddler Room

The Toddler Room takes children from approximately two years old. It is at this stage that we aim to give the children a gentle but enjoyable experience whereby we encourage creativity through painting, cooking and dressing up activities, as well as learning new vocabulary and language development in the home corner and story areas. The carers aim to help the children become more independent by allowing them the freedom to choose and lead in activities and to stimulate their senses further. There is a broad range of toys and resources and the children are encouraged through a wide range of pre-planned activities with the aim of following their lead and staff responding to their developing skills and abilities. Peter Pan Nursery also encourages physical activities be it outdoor or indoors via music, dance and action games as well as range of construction materials in order for the child to extend their fine motor development. The staff are also happy to work alongside the parents when the time is right to start toilet training.


The progress check at age two

  • The key person carries out the progress check at age two in accordance with any local procedures that are in place and referring to the guidelines A Know How Guide: The EYFS progress check at age two.
  • The progress check aims to review the child’s development and ensures that parents have a clear picture of their child’s development.
  • Within the progress check, the key person will note areas where the child is progressing well and identify areas where progress is less than expected.
  • The progress check will describe the actions that will be taken by us to address any developmental concerns (including working with other professionals where appropriate) as agreed with the parent(s).
  • The key person will plan activities to meet the child’s needs within the setting and will support parents to understand the child’s needs in order to enhance their development at home.